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 Beemer's Tattoos, is a fully licensed tattoo studio. Health inspected by Simcoe Muskoka district health unit.‚Äč  Beemer's tattoos meets and exceeds all Ontario Health Board standards: Beemer's tattoos is knowledgeable in sterilization and cross contamination prevention, and takes great care to adhere to the required practices. Brand new pre-sterilized needles, razors and tubes are used for each tattoo application, and both needles and needle bar and razors are disposed of thereafter in sharps containers. All sharps are dropped off regularly and incinerated by a professional medical waste disposal company. Tattoo tubes are also fully disposable and is only one time use and is safely discarded. Surface barriers are used on all applicable surfaces and equipment to prevent any cross contamination.

Any and all products sold or used at Beemer's house of pain  is use at own risk! As we hold no responsibility to what you may or may not be allergic too. It's up to you to be a ware and to inform Beemer's tattoos of any known allergies. 

‚Äčthank you.