150 an hour  

     All touch ups 30$+ (possibly a bit more depending on the extent of the touch up) set up fee to cover cost of materials or FREE when getting another tattoo

Minimum starting is 80$. Anything under an hour will be at the artist discretion. 10$ per additional tattoo will still apply to cover draw time and any extra materials.  

*Touch up fingers (especially side of fingers) will be at full rate as these are very difficult to stay and it is not recommended. However I don't mind to touch them up for you while working on another piece which would be your most cost efficient way to get them touched up. This rule maybe verbally noted to other areas hard to stay (heal) areas  ( ie. arm pits, elbows, etc.)    

​*Deposits Maybe required for multiple bookings, larger custom pieces, etc

* Payment can be made by cash or e-transfers. 

*Failure to give reasonable notice of 48 hrs for cancelled appointments will require a 50$ deposit upon booking next appointment, happens again no refund of the $50. No call No Show will be an automatic 50$ re-booking FEE.​


(heads up: posted june 2022) As of January 1st 2024 I will be 150 an hour to accommodate the increasing costs of products and life. unfinished pieces will be finished at original rate of 120 an hour. No call no shows will be charged a 50$ fee. Booking multiple appts. a deposit will be required. Minimum will be 80$, anything under an hour will be to the artist discretion.

Thank you,