​Here At Beemer's Tattoo I offer:

-Great quality tattoos, at reasonable rates. 

  - 30$+ touch up fee (to cover materials)  or free when getting your next tattoo. Please scroll down for further information on touch ups

- After Care products $

- Custom art $

- Gift certificates in any

                       denomination $ 

- Beemer wear $

- Snacks $

- Free WI-FI, Whoot! Whoot!

-  Free cell phone charging station!

Additional Info on touch ups

 You are given time after your tattoo to inspect the workman ship of your tattoo and to be able to give input on anything else you would like to add or do to your piece. So please take a breath and look over your tattoo. At that point you are able to request additional additions or ask any questions or concerns about it. This will save time and money to speak at that point.   Please allow 1 month for healing before evaluating your tattoo as that is the time needed to regenerate new skin and show the tattoos true colors... also a tattoo can’t be retouched until a month’s time, do to sensitivity. 

If your tattoo gets infected or premature scabs comes off and takes out color (scaring may occur when this happens). If the tattoo gets scrapped or irritated by pets, clothing, work, and other scenarios can cause you problems. That is why it is up to you not the artist to ensure your tattoo is properly taken care of and protected.   Areas where there is wear from constant rubbing of an area or where skin is Callused (ie. That’s why feet and hands are not guaranteed) or any verbally noted areas. There will be no discounted touch ups on piece where alcohol (consumed the night before up to the point of when you are getting your tattoo) or drugs that thin the blood, these things cause you to bleed more. There for push out ink (making your tattoo spotty), working the skin more, increasing chances of scabbing.

 To ensure reasonable pricing at Beemer’s house of pain please Take care of your tattoos! a $25 set up fee now will apply to cover cost of supplies, thank you. Or I would be happy to do it for free on your next tattoo. It is Important to me that you are happy with your work and that it looks good as it is a piece of my work that I’m proud of and that I hope your proud to wear.

Thank You,

P.S. When you add something that is not there in the first place during a touch up. Weather it would enhance you tattoo or you want to add it or you forgot to tell me when you where here last. That is considered adding more work which should be compensated for