1.  I will be temporarily not be taking on any new appts./clients between now and January 1st 2022. I Am NOT CLOSING and cancelling everyone's appts... ONLY Appts that fall under province wide shut down! will be rescheduled .. EXCEPTION I will take appts for those who have gotten Christmas gift cards and for those with unfinished pieces. This is an attempt to get caught up.

2. EVERYONES appt. dates and times stay the same!!! unless it falls during Provincial shut down.. I am operational during Now gray!!!, 
red, orange, yellow, green.

3. If your appt falls during Provincial shut down. I will be in touch with you to reschedule and accommodate the best I can. Don't you worry I will be contacting you before your scheduled appt date cause I want to see your lovely faces [❤]

4. Please keep an eye on my wall on Facebook. I will be offering cancellations to my covid listed people first but if I can not find someone in time I will be posting appts. on my Facebook wall to get filled [🙂]

5. I do not know more then the general public about how long the shut down will be. I will do my best to inform you all for current status released to the public by the Ontario government on my wall.... ** UPDATE: On March 1st we will be entering a 3rd lock down (gray) for an undetermined amount of time :( fingers crossed no longer then a month

Thank you every one for all your love and continued support to Beemer's Tattoos <3 

(This will be updated as need be)

What is happening during a lock down ?​

Please read below for important information prior to your upcoming appointment at Beemer’s Tattoos. As I look forward to torturing you all starting back up. 

-So First and for most, if you are not well please stay home.  If you have left the country or province you will have to do your proper quarantine time of 14 days. If you feel that you had exposure to a confirmed case of Covid 19 please allow the appropriate quarantine time. If you need to cancel related to covid 19 concerns there will be NO CANCELLATION FEES and we will reschedule and be put on a special cancellation list. If I feel unwell I will be doing the same and hope you have the same respect.  A side note…… ANY notice of you not able to make it is better than NO notice…. So no call no show fee will still apply.

- I will be asking you to sign and date covid questionnaire sheet, stating you are in good health and to your knowledge have not been in contact with COVID or breaking any quarantine times.

- I will ask that you sanitize your hands upon entering the house of pain at my hand sanitize station at the entrance, and continue the use of proper hand washing and sanitizing during your visit.

- I ask that you bring your own mask, whether single use or home made. If you cannot bring your own I will provide you with one. I will be wearing one as well.  This is a must because at times do to the nature of my business there may not be 6 feet distancing possible.

-  Face (I don’t typically do face tattoos anyways) or neck tattoo availability will depend on the state of the area, based on heath board regulations.  

- I ask that you DON’T bring anyone that is not getting ink done to minimize the traffic of people coming into my business.  Exception would be if you are under 18 then one parent may come with you as they have to sign for you or if you require a ride then your driver may sit in on your session if it is a small session or has traveled a long distance to bring you here.

- If you see another vehicle other than a yellow jeep renegade please wait as I finish up with my last client to avoid any extra bodies in the shop. If uncertain when to enter, please call my landline 705 325-0697.

E-transfer and cash still accepted
By appointment only like always

So Pretty much commonsense and the same things we have been practicing all year.

Thank you, I’m excited to get back to work and see you all <3


P.S-  This may be updated at any time

COVID 19 Protocol