COVID 19 Protocol

(This will be updated as need be)

Jan 2024---- 

Please read below for important information prior to your upcoming appointment at Beemer’s Tattoos. As I look forward to torturing you all :)  

- Although mask are not required, During high flu season or when showing signs of illness, I may request mask worn .... which will be provided to you... or if you wish for me to wear a mask at any time I would be happy to do so.

- if you are not well please stay home. If you need to cancel related to illness there will be NO CANCELLATION FEES and we will reschedule and be put on a special cancellation list. If I feel unwell I will be doing the same and hope you have the same respect.  A side note…… ANY notice of you not able to make it is better than NO notice…. So no call no show fee will still apply.

- I will ask that you sanitize your hands upon entering the house of pain at my hand sanitize station at the entrance, and continue the use of proper hand washing and sanitizing during your visit.


E-transfer and cash still accepted
By appointment only like always

Thank you <3


P.S-  This may be updated at any time