The deal was with my dad if he split me half on a tattoo kit  that I would tattoo him. "Sweet! Money and a guinea pig" I thought to myself lol. To be honest I really don't recommend this method I would suggest people to do an apprenticeship, cause its a long learning road. 

       So I had practiced on myself, my family and my friends who I'm forever grateful for letting me practice on them. It started off as a hobby while I worked full time and with the few bucks I had made I invested back into bigger better equipment. It started off slow then the more I did the better I got, the  busier I got, the better I got :)  I have taken seminars at tattoo conventions, took health course and slowly built my knowledge of tattooing, and creating a clean and sterile tattoo environment. I have completed a 2 year program from Georgian collage for the business program. I eventually gotten a job/ apprenticeship at a tattoo shop for a year where I realized it wasn't the path for me. That myself and my clients enjoyed the more privet setting  of a studio with flexible hours. With 13 years experience in the customer service industry I have picked up some crucial skills that I believe that has helped me to excel at making a comfortable and fun setting to get your ink done. It has taken me 10 years to build my dream and every day that dream keeps surprising me with more opportunities and ideas to grow as a business and artist.    

      When I'm not tattooing I love spending time on my

motorcycle , kayaking, hanging out with my best bud

penny the pug and obviously my friends and family.

There is usually no shortage of conversation when getting

tattooed I love and enjoy a lot of things :) 

Looking forward to tattooing you,



About Me

Holly Beemer

Hummmm ... what to say... lets start from the beginning...... I'm from Orillia, Ontario Canada. I recently relocated my studio to just out side orillia, in Warminster, ON.  I'm a self taught tattoo artist.